Our services and events

We hold regular, monthly Friday evening services, as well as lots of other interesting events and activites for all ages.
Non members are more then welcome to attend

Thursday 2nd March, 20.00-22.00
It takes courage and commitment to admit you don’t know something about Judaism, especially if you are born Jewish. This is the place to ask the questions you’ve always wondered about Judaism.  If you would like to understand your own tradition better or that of your partner do come along and join us.

This month, Rabbi Dr. Deborah Kahn-Harris, Principal of Leo Baeck College (LBC) in London, and member of Crouch End Chavurah, is leading the group. 
Rabbi Dr. Deborah Kahn-Harris will be focusing on Skills in Jewish Literacy: The Hebrew Bible - Ever wondered what the difference is between an Old Testament and the Bible? Wonder what happens after the Israelites cross over into the land of Israel? What's in all those books we never read in shul? What's Jewish about how we read the Bible? For the answer to all of these questions and more, please join us.

This group is for Jews and non-Jews alike and is a safe place to discuss and learn together, no matter your level of knowledge, or whether you participated in previous sessions.